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HP5 Ancor

Simplifying Long-Term Care Operations

Work Quickly, more efficiently, and with more insight. 
We make care work easier. 

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What we've heard from the LTPAC community.
Too much paper, too many spreadsheets, too many emails.  

Standup meeting, profitability, census development, operations, clinical, COVID-19, staffing and overtime reports are just a few of the things flying back and forth in email between facility, regional, and corporate management teams. Most of these contain a lot of the same information. Teams are tired of counting available positions to fill on their fingers every week. They are tired of pulling census, payor, admission, and discharge information over and over again to include in multiple reports. Logging into different systems to gather pieces of information is wasting time.

You have a lot of information available in the systems you use, and we put it in one place so you can make data-driven decisions without the manual effort.

I cannot keep up with turnover.  

You can make managing turnover a little less painful with CareWork.

Onboard and offboard task consolidation allows teams to track and audit activity and send custom actions to the groups responsible for completing tasks, like enabling or disabling access to electronic health records for HIPAA compliance or making sure that sign-on bonuses are sent to payroll.

Turnover and retention are tracked automatically in CareWork. View retention and turnover rates by location, department, or job title for the time period you choose. Now you can track the impact of recognition or retention programs you implement without manual effort and pivot throughout the process until you get the results you want.

Replacement costs for salaried employees, like administrators or regional management employees, is usually around 1.5 times the individual’s salary. We give management employees the tools to do their job quickly and the information they need to perform successfully. They are more efficient, have more time in a day, and are happier with their job.

I am constantly reacting and putting out fires.

Wouldn’t you rather catch problems before they happen? CareWork helps you avoid issues later by giving you the information you need to address them today. Information is power. We give you the tools to make proactive, data-driven decisions so you can adjust every day to stay within budget, minimize overtime costs, maintain quality metrics, decrease rehospitalization, maintain profitability, and hit collection targets.  Instead of putting out fires, you are working strategically, proactively, and in a way that has a positive impact on cost and care.

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