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Skilled nursing and senior care organizations need to do more with fewer resources.

In today’s world, operators will only thrive through efficiency. SNF and ALF staff are more stressed than ever. Most are doing the job of multiple people, and burnout is trending. Care organizations have seen sharp drops in revenue while dealing with increased operating costs and caregiver shortages.

Challenges related to staff management and retention, cost of care, and inefficient processes are being addressed with a series of band-aids to keep up.

The long-term and post-acute care community needs a holistic solution to unify and streamline operations. More than that, the answer has to provide tangible reductions in cost, increases in staff efficiency, and it can’t be difficult to use. No one has time for complicated.

That’s what we thought, so we decided to make care work easier. CareWork is the first holistic operational platform for operators of skilled nursing facilities, assisted and independent living communities, and other long-term and rehab care organizations.

We connect your existing systems, tie your data together, and give you a 360-degree view of your operations using combined information. Now your facility, community, regional, and corporate leaders have exactly what they need to catch problems before they happen, work faster, avoid duplicate work, and hit their targets - all in one place. Operations simplified.

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