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Who We Are.

CareWork is the first holistic operational platform for long-term and post-acute care providers that unifies and streamlines operations by making the most of the systems you’re already using. We believe in problem-solving for the LTPAC community, so we decided to make care work easier.

We help providers work quickly, more efficiently, and with more insight.

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Integrate Process and Data


Catch Problems Before they Happen

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Avoid Duplicate Work

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Better Business Solutions

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Attract and Retain Staff

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Improved Quality Care

We envision a world where long-term, post-acute, and senior care operators, leaders, and staff can focus on care more than work.

Where we eliminate duplicate work and manual administrative tasks, unify data, and automate insight all from a single platform that is so easy to use it becomes the home base for all senior and post-acute care operations.

Simply put, we want to make care work easier.

Our Vision.
Interested in learning what we can do for you?

Thank You!


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