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Work Quickly, more efficiently, and with more insight. 
We make care work easier. 

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Simplifying Long-Term Care Operations

Efficiency drives a sustainable model for long-term care operators.  
Ridiculously Easy to Use.
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Your teams have a lot on their plates. That’s why we designed CareWork to be so easy to use new team members can hit the ground running without waiting for scheduled training. Intuitive navigation, favorites, and system search functionality make it simple to complete tasks and view actionable analytics on the things that will make their job a success. No one has time for complicated.

One-Stop-Shop for LTPAC Success

SNF and senior care leadership teams are no stranger to juggling tasks, systems, and care. Why not make it easier? CareWork consolidates tasks and the systems you already use like EHR, EMR, MDS, time and attendance, scheduling, procurement, and financial systems into a single view so leaders can quickly view tasks, communicate, and review actionable SNF, ALF, or ILF analytics.

See Measureable Results

Successfully operating SNF and senior care communities today can be a challenge. CareWork streamlines operations and provides tangible reductions in cost and increases in staff efficiency. More than that, we give teams automated insight on the KPIs that prove it. Knowing and measuring the right KPIs lets you get in front of potential issues to achieve results faster.

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