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Simplifying Long-Term Care Operations

Work Quickly, more efficiently, and with more insight. 
We make care work easier. 

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Enabling success for skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, and CCRC teams.
The first holistic operational software platform designed to make work life easier for long-term, post-acute, and senior care operators and leadership teams. 

CareWork was designed to lift the burden for local facility, community, regional, and corporate management teams. We give teams a home base to efficiently communicate, manage tasks, and view actionable analytics through integration with the systems you already use. We combine data from systems like electronic health records, MDS scrubbers, time and attendance, scheduling, procurement, financial, and more to give you the most relevant information you need; and eliminate manual spreadsheet or emailed reports.

What if your administrators and other department heads could complete their administrative work without logging into multiple systems and compiling manual reports?

What if regionals could get ahead of potential issues and nimbly adjust to mitigate costs, increase quality, maintain staffing, and boost revenue?

What if you could track turnover and retention, onboarding and offboarding, admissions and occupancy, procurement, revenue, and collections all with a click of a button?

We give operators and their teams a way to eliminate duplicate work, get more time in a day, and identify issues before they become problems.

Now your management teams can avoid burnout and enjoy success.

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