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CareWork for Continuing Care

CCRCs are one of the fastest-growing segments in the senior living market, and it’s more important than ever for operators to provide a unified and efficient operational experience for staff and residents.

Through integration with the systems you already use, CareWork for CCRCs delivers actionable intelligence, shared insights, and automates tasks and workflows so teams have access to everything they need to work quickly and avoid duplicate work – in one place for all care settings.


Better business outcomes & improved care delivery

Census and occupancy, staff productivity, clinical, quality, and resident satisfaction are all key indicators of success in CCRCs. Our solution is designed to help you optimize all of these areas through intelligent automation of workflows, paperless processes, and true visibility into your operations.


Manage labor and retain staff

CCRCs are a labor-intensive industry, and staff turnover can be costly. Our unified software platform helps you keep your team connected and informed with the right tools and resources so they can do their best work. View turnover and retention rates by department and title with the click of a button. At the same time, our solution provides automated performance highlights and recognition for improvements and jobs well done. CareWork CCRC software helps keep your staff happy and engaged, leading to improved resident experiences and a strong bottom line.

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Improve financial performance

CCRCs are complex businesses with a number of moving parts. It’s essential to have a comprehensive view of your financials so you can make informed decisions about your future. Financial insights for CCRCs must include data from all sources. Financial and general ledger, census and occupancy, procurement, and spending data need to be combined to give operators and their teams a holistic view of financial health. CareWork integrates with all relevant data sources and ties the information together to provide detailed, actionable insights into CCRC performance, from revenue and expenses to cash flow and investment metrics.

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