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Enabling new possibilities through innovation, collaboration, and a problem-solving mindset for every person and every organization in the senior living and long-term care industry.

CareWork eliminates duplicate work and manual administrative tasks, unify data, and automate insight all from a single platform that is so easy to use it becomes the home base for all senior and post-acute care operations.

Simply put, make care work easier.

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Learn how you can do more with fewer resources. 

Senior Living and LTC analytic and workflow automation software features

CareWork features include everything you need to proactively manage all aspects of long-term, post-acute, and senior care operations.

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Sync data into CareWork from the systems you already use like EHR, EMR, CRM, MDS scrubbers, time and attendance, scheduling, procurement, HR, accounting systems and more. No need to change. We’ll help you make the most of the systems you’re already using.

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Eliminate duplicate work with integrated task feeds, scheduled tasks and reports, and consolidated report submissions in one Work Desk. Things like turnover and retention rates, staffing PPDs, and open positions are instantly available with no manual work required.

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Customize forms and automation for things like onboarding and offboarding and daily COVID-19 reporting. CareWork consolidates reporting for multiple locations automatically and provides report submission analytics and reminders.   

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Broadcast notices, tasks, and reminders to all locations and all job titles or to a group of locations or titles. Send now, schedule for a future date and time, or schedule a reoccurring notice without relying on email.

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Insights & Reports

Census and occupancy, admissions and discharges, labor and overtime, turnover and retention, clinical and quality, procurement, revenue and collections: CareWork gives you actionable intelligence using information from every integrated source.

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Performance Highlights

Give your teams the congratulations they deserve. CareWork praises staff for performance improvements and exceeding objectives across each operational area every day, automatically. Good news is also shared. Resident birthdays, staff birthdays, and staff work anniversaries are highlighted as they happen.

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Platform Adoption Analytics

You’ve implemented a great system to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Now you have to make sure your staff take full advantage of it. CareWork makes this easy. Staff adoption insights let you know how the system is being used and how often.


KPI Management

Key performance indicators are more than just numbers. They are the tools successful operators use to define and measure progress toward operational, quality, and financial goals. Set your ideal KPI targets and CareWork will automatically track, trend, and measure them for you so you can repeat what works and change what doesn’t.

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Ridiculously Easy to Use

Your teams have a lot on their plates. That’s why we designed CareWork to be so easy to use new team members can hit the ground running without waiting for scheduled training. Intuitive navigation, favorites, and system search features make it simple to complete tasks and view the actionable analytics that will make their job a success. No one has time for complicated.

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