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Searching for a new way of doing business?

Looking for options to better manage staffing budgets

and care quality outcomes?


Don’t miss our upcoming webinar to learn more about CareWork's unified operations platform, hosted by

Trish Richardson, CareWork Chief Nursing Officer

and North Carolina Nurses Association President-elect.

Simplifying Long-Term Care Operations

Work quickly, more efficiently, and with more insight. 
We make care work easier.

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How CareWork Lets you do more with fewer resources. 
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Unify & streamline long-term care operations

You have a lot of information available to you; it’s just not in one place. CareWork is the first holistic operational platform for long-term and post-acute care providers.

We connect the systems you already use, tie your data together, and give you a 360-degree view of all operational areas using combined information.

Now your management teams have exactly what they need to catch problems before they happen, work faster, and hit their targets – all in one place.

Stop duplicating work. 

Staffing challenges mean that long-term care management teams are already doing the jobs of multiple people. Still, compiling and analyzing reports to stay on top of things like admissions, staffing, budgets, and quality of care must be done.

Manual reporting takes precious time every day. How many spreadsheet reports are emailed back and forth? How much of that information is duplicated in several reports?

CareWork automates reporting and gives you actionable insight for each department and metric you need to keep an eye on – all in a single location. No more digging for information. No more compiling manual reports. No more duplicating effort.


Now teams have more time for resident care. 

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Know what to focus on.

In today’s world, communities will only thrive through efficiency. CareWork gives skilled nursing and senior care organizations an easy way to make data-driven decisions on everything from census and labor to clinical quality, financial results, and procurement.

CareWork makes it simple to systematically manage key operational areas

with the click of a button.

Now teams can focus on what matters, proactively replicate what works and change what does not.

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