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How CareWork Lets you do more with fewer resources. 

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Unify and streamline long-term care operations

You have a lot of information available to you; it’s just not all in one place. CareWork is the first holistic operational platform for long-term and post-acute care providers.

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We connect the systems you already use, tie your data together, and give you a 360-degree view of all operational areas using integrated information.

Now, your leaders have exactly what they need to catch problems before they occur, empowered to work faster, and hit their targets – all in one place.

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Simplifying Long-Term Care Operations

Work quickly, more efficiently, and with more insight. 
We make care work easier. 

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Reduce Redundancy

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All hands on deck.

Given the enduring workforce shortage, leaders are wearing many hats to get the job done.  This additional workload is on top of their every day responsibilities-managing the business of healthcare.  Compiling and analyzing labor, staffing, quality, procurement reports take a great deal of time out of every day.

How many spreadsheets are emailed back and forth? Who was the last to update the compliance report?  How much of this data is duplicated in several reports?

Through workflow and report automation, and continuous live data refreshes, our clients realize the power digital transformation and identify problems in all operational areas before they occur.
Data and analysis delivered to you in a single source setting, giving your teams critically needed time back in their day to focus on what's most important.

Resident care.

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Laser-Focused on Operations

In today’s world, communities will only thrive through efficiency. CareWork gives skilled nursing and senior care organizations an easy way to make data-driven decisions on census, labor, clinical quality, financial, procurement and more.

CareWork makes it simple to systematically manage key operational areas with the click of a button.

Now teams can focus on what matters, proactively replicate what works and change what does not.

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