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Reshaping the Future of Long-Term Care: The Journey from High Turnover to Sustainable Retention

The path from high employee turnover to a stable, committed workforce is often paved with a deep understanding of data analytics and the adoption of innovative HR automation solutions. In the realm of long-term care—a sector where consistent, quality care is paramount—a focus on reducing turnover is not just an operational need; it's a moral imperative. In this blog post, we'll explore the transformational story of how one organization turned overwhelming turnover rates into a story of retention and ongoing excellence through the deployment of smart HR technologies and practices.

The Challenge of Turnover in Long-Term Care & Senior Living

Employee turnover in caring professions can have a significant impact on patient care and organizational viability. In long-term care settings such as skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care, and independent living facilities, high turnover rates can result in a cascade of negative outcomes—from decreased care quality to increased financial strains.

In tackling this challenge, Krista Sikes, VP of HR for Beacon Health Management, a twenty-six-location skilled nursing facility operator, embarked on an initiative to scrutinize and analyze turnover rates by facility and department. The objective was straightforward yet ambitious—analyze turnover, benchmark results, spot trends, identify root causes, and implement strategic processes for improvement.

The Solution Through HR Automation

The manual analysis of turnover rates was a manual task, consuming 8–10 hours of intensive labor per month. Recognizing the inefficiency and limitations of this process, the decision to automate data analytics was crucial. By partnering with CareWork, the organization began its profound transformation.

CareWork's automated data analytics wasn't just about number-crunching—it was about reshaping the approach to workforce management. This powerful platform enabled the organization to:

  • Transition from manual to automated turnover metrics analysis.

  • Create new, actionable data for proactive measures, lessening the administrative burden.

  • Offer instant visibility into the state of turnover and retention across the entire organization.

The project is ongoing, and additional automation, task management, and workflow will enable true visibility into the real cost of turnover, incorporating both hard figures and operation-specific soft factors. This is a next-level innovation that has historically been impossible to truly quantify in the long-term care and senior living space.

Impact and Outcomes to Date

The automation of data analytics led to groundbreaking outcomes—information that once took 8–10 hours to compile is now accessible instantly. Not only did this save time, but it also allowed for more frequent and strategic turnover management.

Facility leadership teams also benefited from having direct access to turnover data, empowering them to respond swiftly and effectively, especially during peak stress periods like regulatory surveys.

Lessons Learned

This automation taught the organization crucial lessons about our information systems and labor management processes.

  • Ensuring the capture of comprehensive datasets from the onboarding to offboarding stages.

  • Recognizing the inefficiency of manual labor in data analysis and its potential to hinder critical evaluation of trends.

Key Takeaways

  • Data is power: Unified Operations are revolutionizing the long-term care and senior living industries by enabling operators to use their own data as evidence-based proof for cost reduction and operational improvements.

  • Beyond traditional BI: CareWork's Unified Operations Platform offers more than business intelligence dashboards; it provides scalable features for task automation and workflow that tangibly support company goals.

  • ROI-driven decisions: The ability to translate metrics into hard-dollar ROI equips operators with clear evidence of the value of their BI solutions, driving informed decision-making for financial success and staff retention.


Adopting CareWork's Unified Operations Platform can be a game-changer for long-term care and senior living operators. It offers a unique opportunity to not only understand your data but put it into action, resulting in improved retention, better quality of care, and stronger financial health. Implementing this innovative technology is not just an operational upgrade—it's a beacon of positive transformation for the entire long-term care and senior living industry.

Remember to prioritize the intelligence and potential of your workforce by utilizing cutting-edge solutions. Nurture an environment where they can thrive, and in turn, they will ensure the well-being of those in your care.

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If you represent a long-term care or senior living organization seeking to reduce turnover and enhance operational efficiency through innovative HR solutions, the story of this organization's partnership with CareWork may resonate with you. Reach out and discover how you, too, can begin this transformational journey.

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