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Shortcuts to Drive IT Strategy and Digital Transformation in Long-Term Care

Historically, skilled nursing and senior care operators have taken a conservative approach toward driving digital transformation within their organizations. The pandemic changed everything, forcing many operators to see the crucial role technology plays in operational efficiencies. Amid the crisis, many executives are turning to digital transformation to address the need for better visibility into operations, more efficiency, quality of care, and communications.

The objectives are clear:

  • Integrate processes and data

  • Avoid duplicate work

  • Catch problems before they occur

  • Provide automated insight

  • Proactive quality management

  • Save time - Focus on quality of care

Getting there can be challenging. The pandemic required many organizations to adopt new technology rapidly, and in some cases, infrastructure and connectivity weren't able to support the use. Building and executing a strategic IT roadmap doesn't happen overnight.

Here are some shortcuts that senior care operators are utilizing to drive digital transformation and IT strategy.

Engage outside help. Whether you have an in-house IT team or you outsource to a managed service provider, evaluating, negotiating, and implementing new technologies can be a time-consuming process. Companies that specialize in this process, specifically for long-term, post-acute care, can streamline and shorten the cycle and, in many cases, find dollars within the existing budget to pay for new solutions.

Automate, Automate, Automate. Make the most of the systems you already use. Your data is out there, but it's not in one place. Integrating data from multiple systems and consolidating communications is a huge time-saver for staff. Implementing an analytic and workflow system that ties your data together makes tasks easier and faster for staff to complete and gives leadership teams automated insight to proactively manage operations and quality without duplicating work.

Make sure support is covered. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time on technical issues. If you don't have an in-house helpdesk, look at outsourcing helpdesk services to a company that knows the particular operational needs of senior and post-acute care companies. Give your staff one number to call for all support, whether the problem lies with a nurse's station fax line, your internet, or your systems.

In a recent survey, the employee burnout in LTPAC facilities grew from an already high 17% in early 2020 to 27% in the first couple of months in 2021. The World Health Organization calls burnout a diagnosable "occupation phenomenon" that is often made worse by a lack of control and clarity around expectations and support.

Digital transformation in senior care facilities is simply leveraging the best technology to improve internal efficiencies.

While technology cannot replace human compassion or connection, it can alleviate underlying stressors by replacing outdated, time-consuming processes that frustrate employees.

CareWork ties your data together in a simple and intuitive platform using the systems you already have in place to make this transformation less "intimidating" while also providing operators and staff the data they need to improve quality and streamline operations.

Are you ready to work faster and avoid duplicate work? If so, contact us today.

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