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Improving Efficiencies in Skilled Nursing Facilities

In many industries, including long-term care, the day-to-day rigors of business operations and responsibilities can be a lot to manage. When you've operated your business a certain way since the beginning, it can feel daunting to tackle the task of shifting to new software or updated processes – even if you know it will improve operational efficiencies. While you might believe that constant innovation and updates in the industry are hard to keep up with, taking a step back is often the more intelligent choice for long-term efficiency gains.

Becoming more efficient involves streamlining processes, utilizing technological innovations, and adopting new practices. A mindset of continual improvement helps ensure your organization's long-term success.

Here are three simple ways you can improve the operational efficiency of your senior care business without sacrificing consistency or quality of care.

· Integrate the technology within your organization. Integration allows you to make the most of the systems you already use. Facility staff has a big job to do and limited time in a day. Giving teams centralized access to the administrative parts of their job saves valuable time, simplifies tasks, and reduces stress.

· Manage Strategically. Set targets and proactively monitor census, revenue, collections, spend, labor, overtime costs, and quality every day so you can duplicate successes and quickly change what isn't working. Automating this process allows teams to manage strategy quickly without a hefty time investment.

· Recognize staff effort and success. Working in skilled nursing is a difficult job in the best of times. Recognition motivates, provides a sense of accomplishment, and makes employees feel valued for their work. Gallup, a global analytics firm, noted that recognition not only boosts employee engagement but has also been found to increase productivity and loyalty to the company.

Making a few changes can go a long way in improving the work environment, patient care, and overall bottom line. It is time we adjust our systems and make way for digital technologies to transform the different facets of healthcare. Our senior citizens, patients, and caregivers deserve it.

CareWork makes it easy to manage operations, communicate with teams, and control costs. Through integration with the systems you already use, we tie your data together and give you a 360-degree view on things like census, labor, clinical, procurement, receipts, revenue, collections, and quality so you can replicate what works and change what doesn't.

So, ask yourself, are you ready to improve your overall efficiency by working faster and smarter? If so, contact us today.



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