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Managing Staffing and Turnover: Challenges in Skilled Nursing & Senior Care

Skilled nursing and senior care facilities have taken a big hit over the past year and a half. COVID-19 has made the already challenging labor market even more difficult.

The National Investment Center (NIC) for Senior Housing and Care revealed in an executive summary that 45% of operators said attracting community and caregiving staff is the biggest challenge. An additional 18% said that staff turnover is the biggest challenge.

To solve this ever-growing issue, post-acute and long-term care facilities must deploy additional measures to support and retain staff.

Beth Burnham Mace, NIC's Chief Economist, discusses several strategies she recommends to alleviate the labor market challenges that exist today. Among these strategies, she highlights ideas to create a work environment that is conducive to employee retention. One idea is to "employ technology to improve work efficiencies so staff can spend more time with residents to improve quality and quantity of care."

It's no surprise that caregivers and facility staff are working in a high-stress environment. When you leverage technologies that automate and simplify everyday processes, you help alleviate that stress and create an environment where employees feel supported.

Operators need an engaged workforce to provide the quality care that residents and families deserve.

There are many great tools out there to increase efficiency in different areas like electronic health records, scheduling, time and attendance, learning, procurement, and more. While these tools offer a lot, sometimes, the number of systems and technologies can overwhelm staff members. Learning, adopting, and working with multiple systems every day can be time-consuming and tedious, especially with turnover.

Operators and their staff need a simple tool that can tie existing systems together and streamline operations in one place.

With the right tools, you can work more quickly, more efficiently, and with more insight.

CareWork gives you an easy-to-use home base to view daily notices, tasks due, and communicate with your teams without relying solely on email. By integrating with the systems, you already use, teams have quick access to the information they need for meetings and reports in one place. We tie your data together and provide analytics and KPI intelligence on things like staffing, overtime, turnover and retention, census, clinical and quality, revenue, and collections, so teams can proactively manage operations.

Are you ready to simplify things for your staff? If so, contact us today.



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